We’re a small, diverse (and a bit quirky!) team passionate about customer service, coffee, and food.


If you leave the shop happier than when you came in, then we’ve achieved our mission!


We put a lot of effort in serving good quality specialty coffee. Our beans for milk-based coffees are locally roasted by Villino Coffee and blended especially for Shoebox. For black coffees (espresso and filter), we source (mainly single origin) beans from Single O in Sydney. We often have guest beans from other roasters too.


We also offer a wide range of teas, smoothies, and juices for the non-coffee drinkers out there!


Our cooking is inspired by a fusion between Asian (especially Japanese and Korean) and Western cuisines. In addition to our dine-in menu, we have a broad range of takeaway dishes, perfect for a quick and healthy meal on the go. We love to experiment with flavours and you’ll often see new dishes, especially in our takeaway selection.


We hope you can stop by to grab a bite with your coffee and start a conversation with us!